Welcome to the site of UPSA. Here you will find practical information about the work of United Poona Sports Academy (UPSA) born in 1995.

Mr. Vinay Murgod started this academy with boys and girls that were recruited for training from the slums of Pandavnagar and Wadharwadi near Fergusson College between the age group of 5-18 years. The idea of involving these have not’s of the society occurred to Mr. Vinay when his practice sessions with his existing students were disrupted by the slum kids who ran away with the ball. No amount of scolding helped.

That is when he decided to involve the kids in the game and these kids from slums became the part of UPSA FAMILY.  But the kids who faced many emotional hurdles at home which affected their performance not only in the game but also in their day to day activity and training time spent in morning and evening was not good enough to influence them positively. So visits and counseling sessions at homes of these children were started and soon their parents were also convinced.

UPSA is also concentrating on development of personality of these children and has been fairly successful in its mission without any organizational, institutional, political or financial support of any kind.

  To identify impressionable children having good values (Sanskar) from the neglected and the underprivileged sections like the rural areas, urban slums, destitute homes, remand homes and lower middle neglected class in the Age group of  5-18 years of age.  
  To develop them into responsible and concerned citizens through the medium of Football and education in fundamental values of human life.  
  To provide support to the underprivileged children for their mental and physical health and holistic development.  
  To develop awareness of social responsibility and personal physical fitness in different schools through discipline in the game of Football.  
  To conduct Football clinics in schools in the Urban, Rural areas.  

UPSA Training Program is only program of its kind wherein trainees are given lessons on fundamental values of living and education along with advanced scientific Football training.

The Director of this Academy, along with his students have dedicated themselves for the development of this academy and will continue to do so all their lives. They are seeking help, guidance and financial aid for setting up and running of a Football academy which will take care of 45 boys and 45 girls at a time that will provide them fully residential Facilities along with formal education and vocational training with comprehensive medical care.

  Since its inception, the single most important factor in UPSA's growth and success is the quality of our coaching programs. All trainers have been the students of the Academy and now are trained to instruct other children and work within the Academy under the guidance of our Founder & Chief Coach Mr. Vinay Murgod.  
  Mission statement of UPSA Football SCHOOL:
"Inspiring Children to be Responsible Citizens by using The Power of Football"

“The UPSA Football School is committed towards developing self-assured, responsible, productive, healthy, concerned and caring citizens who value education and understand that learning is a lifelong process. We are committed in assisting each child in developing his/her fullest potential through mastery of human values and opportunities to enrich his/her learning through the medium of Football. Our purpose is to develop students who are critical thinkers, able to acquire, integrate and apply knowledge constructively and holistically.”

Goals of United Poona Sports Academy’s Football Training Programs:

To provide quality recreation and improve physical abilities like stamina, flexibility, tolerance and resistance level, basic and latest Football skills and laws of the game and teach them standard procedures to follow code of conduct and acquire good manners.
Motivate and help them to find meaning full activities and work after good fitness level training.
Develop loyalty and concern towards their work, fellow human beings and the present society.
To improve their intellectual ability through theme solving, strategic understanding and functional appreciation in the game, quick decision making, pragmatic and creative thinking and develop their awareness through keen observations.
To improve emotional ability through on and off the field of play, understanding and regulating one’s own and other’s emotions, sense of humor and empathy.
To improve Social ability by ease in social interaction, maintaining relationships, resolving conflicts, prejudices, creating positive and productive behavior in others
To improve spiritual ability, self – awareness of society and bonds with the nature and natural laws, recognizing one’s own and others worth.
To improve values of education through Football coaching, interacting on and off the field firmly and openly, brainstorming, one on one personal training and teamwork.