Since its inception, the single most important factor in UPSA's growth and success is the quality of our coaching programs. All trainers have been the students of the Academy and now are trained to instruct other children and work within the Academy under the guidance of our Founder & Chief Coach Mr. Vinay Murgod.

What sets UPSA Football school apart from others is the coaching system offered.

It is simple, fun and players improve their attitude, technical ability and skill.  


Each day has a Specific Theme.  Passing and Control, Dribbling and Running with the ball, Turning and beating a man, Defending, Shooting, Heading, Re-starts and Tactics, Game day and review. Each Day is Progressive. The theme is developed during the day, starting with individual technique, progressing to ( 4 vs.1, 4 vs.2, 3 vs.3, etc.) developed to small sided games (5 vs.5 or 6 vs.6) and eventually into the 11 sided game.

Audio and  Video sessions are conducted from time to time for the mental conditioning of the trainees.

Workshops are conducted for these children wherein eminent Personalities from various walks of life interact and guide these kids on various contemporary issues holistically.

Tours and Interaction Programs are conducted for giving these kids the feel of competitive soccer in the country. Regular Tours are conducted to Goa and Mumbai where these children play and interact with the Professional Soccer players of the country. 

UPSA Football School gives the children, the finest Football experience available. DEVELOPMENT is the key that forms the nucleus of our entire program. Combine a child's passion for the game with concerned and committed coaches and the learning experience is magnificently enriched. We help them develop as TOTAL soccer players, and let them ENJOY getting there while helping them to develop their personality through human values and sportsman spirit.

We feel so strongly about chidrens development that our Trainers staff goes through intensive and ongoing appraisal and instructors training programs and some of these children from the academy are motivated and tuned to become good Instructors . The Director has further enhanced their Knowledge with special European training philosophy. This type of exposure helps to develop children in four general areas:

Soccer Skills and Life Skills

Conditioning – Mental and Physical

On and off the field holistic awareness


As we develop children into complete Football players, they naturally develop skills that help them become well-rounded individuals. This includes developing discipline, teamwork... qualities that work in ALL of life. And then, in turn, winning becomes a by-product. Helping them to concentrate more on Excellence and Skill rather than Success and Strength.

UPSA Football School, Pune does not look for winners who are players, but we DEVELOP players who, naturally, become winners...in All of life.