The UPSA Project ‘Sphurti’

Inspiring Children to be Responsible Citizens Using the Power of Football

What is UPSA Project Sphurti?

It is a Project of UPSA, which started as an individuals dream in 1995 and has gradually matured into an organized foundation with limited activities and miles to go for children in rural and urban areas.

What does UPSA Sphurti want to do?
It attempts to use sports, in particular, Football, soccer as a medium to develop underprivileged urban slum and rural children to become successful and responsible citizens of the country.

What is UPSA Sphurti doing now?
It is busy refining its methods by developing girls and boys from different villages in village Shivali Maval Taluka 72 kms away from the city of Pune into proud and able citizens .It is training them to be ambitious, confident, competitive and capable of working as a disciplined team. What better way then a game of Football (soccer).

What does UPSA Sphurti want to do in the near future?
Expand its activities qualitatively and quantitatively look after more children and away from the Football field as well. There is no shortage of dreams.

What can you do?
You can visit the “Sphurti” playground and study center, where maximum activity is taking place and show that you care. Extend financial help as the proof of your intentions. Make your professional expertise available to the foundation and inspire the children to achieve at least what you have achieved in your small way.

How to help financially?
Very simple. Write a cheque in favour of “United Poona Sports Academy” and hand it over to the academy at -
‘Keshar’ society, 14 - bldg –B, Paud road, Pune – 411038
UPSA is exempted under section 80-G of IT act 1961.

Present State of Facilities at UPSA:
Counseling, training and guidance imparted to the underprivileged children at Sphurti study center in Shivali
Regular week end clinic on Sphurti's small temporary ground. and counseling in the make shift class rooms
No large funding for the development of the infrastructures acquired till to date
Devoted volunteers ,trainers, administration of the UPSA are non other then the students of UPSA
UPSA requires Financial Aid. (Academy runs on small funds donated by students, individuals, friends and well wishers of UPSA)
UPSA requires medical and Physiotherapy support for the trainees
Lack of adequate financial support for monthly administrative expenditure

Guidance and financial aid is required for setting up of a Football School (academy) including acquiring of more land and providing fully residential facilities to the trainees along with formal education and vocational training with comprehensive medical care.

UPSA has been involved in this work for past 9 years, without the support of any political agency or any government aid, or any major corporate firm, despite being registered as a NGO.

It has produced not only many quality players but also responsible citizens from these underprivileged children and it can do much better if the project of UPSA Football SCHOOL is supported financially. Thus UPSA needs donors to participate and donate in this cause.
Sphurti Study Center
Making of the
Small Ground
The Excavation The Land The Make Shift
Study Center
Two Rooms
Selected Children
New Shoes & Kit Selected  Girls & Boys Life Skills
Sewing Lessons
Temporary Ground
The Developments at Project 'SPHURTI' of United Poona Sports Academy