Message for all UPSA Students and Parents

Children around the world are increasingly affected by violence, growing social problems, lack of respect for each other & values to become responsible citizens in the world around them as well as law abiding fair players. Parents and educators in many countries are asking for help. Many of them believe that part of solution is an emphasis on the teaching of values & fair play in sports. I have certainly traveled all over the world learning and teaching and through my experiences and researches’. I have developed Coach Vinay’s Holistic Soccer Clinics (CV’s H.S.C), Junior Development Program (J.D.P.), Sphurti & Aastha - Education for Children with Disability. These programs have been produced in response for this call for values & the intent.

Intent is far more important than to achieve something like an aim goal or an end.

Intent is an active living present. It is the wick that is burning in a bowl of oil. It cannot be extinguished, no breeze can blow it out. The wick is stout and the oil is not fed by any external influence or source. It has no cause and so the flame, the wick and the oil are ever enduring.

This is my intent as a dedicated teacher, coach and the systems in UPSA and it should be yours too as students, parents and of all humanity for we all are concerned and responsible.

The vital flame of intent is to bring about not just a good intelligent but intellectual, responsible, concerned human being. We cannot ignore neglect or disregard this intent. The future is our responsibility and the children of this country are the wealth and future of our mother land so this is our immediate problem. UPSA has existed through all the trials and tribulations and along with its training in Football today UPSA stands strong and tall in nurturing such youth who are standing on their feet taking care and rendering services through perfection in self to so many others.

The main issues UPSA ,Hsc and Sphurti are focused on and are trying to tackle are -
1. To stop the neglect of younger generation specially the girl child
2. Lack of pride in being a human being rather then hindu or muslim or christian
3. To bring both the sexes at par
4. Willingness to work in limited means
5. To make the youth know India and its culture and traditions and thus appreciate its culture with an intellectual mind

I am sure you understand what I am saying let us CHANGE!

DO IT NOW! Let us work for this intent which will last even if we are no more.

Let us do it no matter what it costs. Because I understand and know that there is still a long way to go and sacrifices to be made.

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