What is Holistic Soccer Clinics?
Holistic soccer clinic is a value education program it offers a variety experiential activities and practical methodology for parents, teachers and facilitators to help children, young adults and develop children through the sport like soccer and develop personal and social values teamwork, patience, tolerance, freedom, unity, honesty, and humility, love, peace, respect and taking responsibilities.

CV’S H.S.C also contains special modules for use with parents and care givers as well as slum dwellers and children of the rural farmers and physically challenged children who are affected by their conditions.

As of march 2008 CV’s H.S.C was already in use at over fourteen sites all over the world. A report from parents and educators indicates that students are responsive to the values and are interested in discussing and applying values.

AIM: -
I request all concerned with children to come and join hands with CV’s H.S.C to develop children and young adults to become responsible citizens of the world.
The HSC Camps
HSC at Hyderabad HSC at NCL, Pune
HSC at Kolkata HSC at Satara Sainiks School
The Students
Achyut Aditya Ashwin
Ayush Chinnu Dhruv
Gautam Harshal Kavish
Manas Nakul Neerav
Sajeev Siddhu Urukrama
Ved Vian Yash
  Aditya Apoorv
Gaurav Veersen Parag